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I am grateful acknowledge for your attention and affection of JIN MAO! It is my pride to dedicate the best time of my life to titanium industry, to be contributors of this industry together with my team, what’s more, to own a chance to cooperate with more partners and friends from all walks of life, to share titanium industry scientific and technical achievements.


Since it found, Jin Mao full use the advantage in the resources, quality, cost and market, adhere to go the way of "rolling development". After years of hard work, become to be a diversified product structure green chemical integrated enterprise with circular economy, resource conservation, clean and environmental protection, had create a good basic to be the leading brand of domestic circular economy on titanium industry.


Looking back, the growth of Jin Mao was the wisdom and efforts of all of you, this kind of concern and support had been the driving force of the company, also goading all Jin Mao Ren to achieve the highs on titanium industry. I still believe that those Jin Mao Ren and partners whom share weal or woe with us were the most precious treasure of the company, I will cherish, and pay more attention to every customer and cooperator, value all of those whom drive Jin Mao to growth stronger. It is well known that the growth and success of an enterprise is not a person's achievement, so Jin Mao will going forward together with titanium partners and our cooperators. Say thanks again for all friends and partners who have long been concerned and support the growth of the company.


Change in appropriate time, do in suitable trend, our thirst for progress was insatiable. Jin Mao’s value was not only profit, but also social responsibility on our ridge. I am very happy and would like to work together with all like-minded people and cooperators, let us respect for one another, trust each other, share risks and responsibilities, share resources and benefit, with infinite passion and tenacious spirit, standing on the commanding heights of the titanium dioxide industry in China to competing a wider titanium market. This is our duty and responsibility which the era have entrusted to us.


Look forward in the future, we have a glorious mission but an arduous task. Let me take this opportunity to pay tribute and express sincere to you on behalf of all the Jin Mao, Let us hand in hand, to make a glorious tomorrow together.

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