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Guangxi Jinmao Titanium Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”, “Jinmao Titanium”) is a large manufacturing company, mainly producing titanium dioxide, along with industrial sulphuric acid, polyferric sulfate, iron oxide red, and etc. The Company was founded in 1970, and became a private company through asset restructuring in 2003. The Company has the registered capital of 110 million RMB, floor space around 0.4 million square meters, and about 1100 employees. The Company is located in Teng County of Guangxi Province, which is well known as “the hometown of titanium dioxide”. There are various significant advantages of The Company in the aspects of complete transportation system (convenient traffic in highway, railway, waterway, and air), circular economy, low-cost and abundant supply of raw materials, and high quality products. The products of The Company are widely applied in coatings, ink, rubber, plastics, chemical fiber, paper, ceramics, denitration, and other fields. The products of The Company sell well across Asia, Europe, Africa, and America, and receive good comment and reputation from customers.

The Company has established two well-equipped production line of rutile and anatose titanium dioxide to meet various market demands. The annual production capacity has reached 130 thousand tons of titanium dioxide, 450 thousand tons of industrial sulphuric acid, 280 thousand tons of polyferric sulfate and 5 thousand tons of iron oxide red, by the production chain extension of titanium dioxide.

The Company has built up and equipped advanced and modern production facilities and management to achieve “green” production, circular economy. The production process is strictly complied with internal management requirements and clean production regulations. The discharge of waste water, waste gas, and solid waste meets the requirements of the government and industry. The Company obtained National High and New Tech Enterprise in October 2018, the ISO9001 quality management system certification and IOS14001 environment management system certification. In 2019, The Company obtained the awards of “Guangxi Top 100 Private Enterprises” and “Guangxi Top 100 Manufacturing Private Enterprises” The registered trademark of “Teng Mao” has been recognized as “Guangxi Province Famous Trademark”, and the series products of “Teng Mao” brand are famous in national titanium dioxide industry and qualified for the national standards GB/T 1706-2006.

The Company has a root in manufacturing and marketing titanium dioxide over decades by maintaining consistent excellent quality and modification of production process. Based on the spirit of “integrity management” and stable purchase and sales worldwide, The Company is growing to be a large integrated manufacturing enterprise.

The Company will continually bring its advantages into full play, such as location, technology, production capacity, research and development, and refine management, etc. The long-term development goal is to be a larger and leading manufacturing enterprise in titanium dioxide industry in line with circular economy, resource-saving, and clean production.


Company profile



Company Name: Guangxi Jinmao Titanium Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1970 (43 years since)

Registered capital: RMB 110 million

Employees: 1000 people

Total Assets: RMB 1,000,000,000

Land: 667000sqm

Main products: Titanium dioxide

                        Ferrous sulfate

                        Iron oxide

                        Industrial sulfuric acid

                        Polylerric Sulfate




Product  Output/1 year
Titanium dioxide 100000 tons
Ferrous sulfate 300000 tons
Iron oxide 5000 tons
Industrial sulfuric acid 450,000 tons
Polylerric Sulfate 80,000 tons


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