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Ⅰ. Production Capacity

Main Products

Production Capacity

Titanium Dioxide

130 kiloton per annum

Industrial Sulphuric Acid

450 kiloton per annum


390 kiloton per annum

Liquid Polyferric Sulfate

200 kiloton per annum

Solid Polyferric Sulfate

80 kiloton per annum

Pyrite Cinder

200 kiloton per annum

Iron Oxide Red

5 kiloton per annum

Ⅱ. Product Category

1、Titanium Dioxide Anatase Type Pigment Grade: widely applied in coating, painting, plastic, chemical fiber, ink, rubber, and etc.

2、Titanium Dioxide Anatase Type non-Pigment Grade: widely applied in enamel, ceramic, welding electrode, metallurgy, glass, electronics, and etc.

3、Titanium Dioxide Ruitile Type: widely applied in coating, painting, plastic (master batch), paper, ink, rubber, and etc.

4、Titanium for SCR Catalyst: widely applied in power plant flue gas, steel plant flue gas, oil refinery, vehicle exhaust, ship exhaust, and etc.

Ⅲ. Production Technology

1、Applying the co-production technology of titanium and sulfuric acid, which leads to diversified products with low production cost and stable quality.

2、Applying the advanced production facilities and technologies of circular economy, to re-use and re-produce the secondary products, which lead to turning waste to treasure and clean production.

3、Applying the drying coating technology researched by our own, and various advanced technologies such as continuous acidolysis, modified vacuum crystallization, multi-effect compression, nanometer titanium dioxide production, exhaust gas heat utilization, and etc.

Ⅳ. R&D Advantage

1、Product R&D

The Company aims to the R&D of High purity titanium dioxide, electron grade titanium dioxide, and high class rutile titanium dioxide.

2、Combination of Production and Research

The Company cooperates with domestic famous universities and downstream companies in the researches of new products and new technologies, which enhance the R&D level and technology upgrade of The Company.

Ⅴ. Comprehensive Advantage

1、Raw Material Advantage

The Company locates closely to abundant high quality titanium concentrate and pyrite, and builds up long-term, stable cooperation with various upstream vendors to provide satisfied raw materials for normal production.

2、 Regional Advantage

The location of The Company is quite convenient and close to large harbor, its own pier, downstream markets with lower logistic cost. There are sufficient supplies of experienced working labors and production resources (i.e. water, electricity, and gas) for the stable development of The Company as well.

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