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Titanium dioxide
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Iron oxide green

1.Uses: Widely used in colored cement tiles, paints, building materials, plastics, paints and other fields.
2.Storage and transportation : Store in a dry plac, avoid moisture & high temperature, and isolated with acidic or alkaline substances. Shelf life for unpacked products is 3 years.
3.Packing: 25kg/bag, plastic bag lined woven bag or kraft bag.
4.Uses:suitable for tile, terrazzo, flower-order brick, wall advertising, paint, pavement bricks and other building materials as coloring agent, may also be used for advertising and coatings, wood, rubber, plastics and other industries, with bright color and high shading rate .

Inspection items Index Inspection results
Color (with the standard sample) Approximate to slight Approximate
Residue on sieve (200mesh), ≤% 3 0.8
Moisture, ≤% 3 0.9
Oil absorption , ml/100g 20-35 25
Tinting strength, % 100±5 99
PH 4~7 6
Conclusion: This product is qualified.
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